Handmade Mugs in Cafes

1st to 15th July 2018
Bengaluru and Delhi NCR

This is an invitation. We are curating some delicious drinks and beautiful handmade mugs for you.
It’s a luxury to have handmade ceramics. These are art objects by Bengaluru and Delhi NCR based ceramists. Please order them along with your drink at any of the participating restaurants. This is a signed piece of art for you to take home.

Bengaluru –
Ceramist Nikita Dawar at Third Wave Coffee Roasters, Indiranagar
Ceramist Anubha Jaswal at Third Wave Coffee Roasters, Kormangala
Both above ceramists at Third Wave Coffee Roasters, HSR Layout
Ceramist Shubha V Raghavan at Om Made Cafe

Delhi NCR –
Ceramist Seema Kalra at Another Fine Day

Read more about the ceramists and the cafes here –

Ceramist Nikita Dawar at Third Wave Coffee Roasters, Indiranagar

My artistic style is minimilist and I tend to play with colours with every season. I am inspired by ‘Slow Living’, a slow, mindful lifestyle which allows me to change with every season. Like nature, my forms tend to flow and take shape organically.

I learnt pottery 3 years back in order to ground myself by connecting with the earth. I am a designer, yoga practitioner, cat lady and a potter. I like to live slow inspired by the ‘slow living movement’ and dislike the modern ways of living, ironically born, brought up and living in a city. Slow practices like pottery, yoga, taking time to savour mundane activities are able to connect me back to the earth, the source so I can be in my own bubble whatever the external environment. My style is minimilist, organic, reflects my current of being.

Ceramist Anubha Jaswal at Third Wave Roasters, Kormangala 


A person who strongly believes that nothing is perfect in this world, she finds her inspiration from nature and understands that nature is never symmetrical, this being her root inspiration of work, she believes in bringing beauty and joy in the use of even the smallest of things we use in everyday life.

A former corporate professional, she feels clay pulled her out of the mundane life that is the norm today and embarked her on an adventurous journey that changed her world view. A full-time clay person for the past 9 years, her skills have refined under the tutledge of various artists across the country. She currently works in Banglaore and has recently set up her studio @ Lahe Lahe Santhe in Indra Nagar.

About Third Wave Coffee Roasters


Dedicated to bringing the best of coffee Third Wave Coffee Roasters tracks its origins to the city of Bangalore. However, the journey of getting here spans multiple continents – from the coffee bistros of San Diego to the bustling streets of Ranchi in India. Born from a genuine need of improving the quality of coffee experiences in India, Third Wave originated from what we like to call a ‘coffee high’ and multiple late-night conversations on building a remarkable experience around coffee. We borrow our name from some of the best practices between coffee bean farmers and retailers who invest tremendous time in understanding the growing conditions of the coffee – now known as the ‘third wave of coffee movement’. WE DO THE SAME.

Our process of studying the quality of each stage of the coffee journey – from bean to cup – is rigorously followed for all of our batches. We partner with select estates, monitor the harvest conditions, roast the coffee at an ideal temperature and pressure variation – WE BELIEVE this results in bringing the finest out of our coffee beans. We get you the best available arabica beans freshly roasted to get you the third wave experience. We get you single origin beans from selected estates and also conjure blends which are best suited for your cold brews, espresso or interesting filter methods.
Book a table – +91 7337684222, +91 9903006952

Ceramist Shubha V Raghavan at Om Made Cafe


A software engineer turned Studio Potter, Shubha’s journey with clay started in 2015 when she enrolled into a course at Clay Station, Bangalore. She took an instant liking to the medium and continued with her explorations. She has participated in the first edition of Bangalore Studio Potters’ Market 2016 and Bowl’d Over 2018 – a curated group show in Bangalore.

Shubha creates studio pottery under the brand Craft So Sublime. Most of her work is functional and wheel-thrown. The forms are simple, aesthetic and for daily use. She likes to experiment with textures, patterns, cut-work and various glaze decoration techniques.

 About Om Made Cafe

Om Made Cafe is a lifestyle cafe born from the passion to create a tranquil oasis for our customers and provide an engaging balance of food, atmosphere, and service. We are clean, fresh, alive, and dedicated to nurturing our brand through the internal and external challenges that franchises can face.

Born in 2007 on the beautiful beaches of Goa, India, Om Made Cafe awakens the senses with our great food, fabulous service, and a soothing setting rich with art and music.
Book a table: 080 43024010, 080 25533369

Ceramist Seema Kalra at Another Fine Day


Though I specialize in stoneware tableware (fired to high temperature), I also design jewelry and home decor items including wall murals. My work was part of the ColourNext 2017 album, at the India Design Week 2017. I have also exhibited at the IHC and AIFACS, New Delhi. I run a teaching studio in Gurgaon where I take regular classes for adults and kids. To ensure food safety, I make my own glaze.

The adage that the ‘pot makes itself’ is most apt for my work. Other ceramic artists and contrasts and textures in creation are reflected in my pieces. Whether it’s a small piece of jewelry, a cup or mural, an ordinary form becomes different because of the imprint of my hand and the play of the elements in the kiln at a particular moment; and make it stand apart.

About Another Fine Day


Café. Reading Room
A small little café tucked in the busy corporate set up of Gurugram. Another Fine Day, is a concept that focuses on all day breakfast menu. Only to give the corporates a break from the four walls of their set-up. It is a meeting place for many. The bright interiors and casual seating meld with each other chicly. The food and beverage pricing is easy on the pocket making it a regular haunt for bloggers and anyone else looking at a fun work place.
www.anotherfineday.net and www.goingbananas.in
Another Fine Day Cafe at MPD towers: +91 124 4386133
Going Bananas- Kids Play Area at South Point Mall: +91 9711200071